Keshar Bahadur Ale

Indeed, I am extremely delighted and pleased to have this golden opportunity to express my experiences over the last 19 years of continue service, in Gorkha United Public School. In fact, GUPS has its renowned history and; the most importantly, it deserves the communal complement for a grand achievement in the field of education.

Undoubtedly, experiencing many unexpected hurdles over the years, our joint venture motto has been exceptionally accelerating towards its target quite satisfactorily. In mean time, the GUPS is quite steadily maintaining to develop the organization continuously ranging from Secondary level to Bachelor in Agriculture studies. Since the Academic Year-2075, the Institution has managed to operate Gorkha Polytechnic College & Research Centre as well. Through the establishment of the technical College, the entire trustees and its employed staff have become very much proud of it. The technical College will be conducted at Baijanath-4, Baniyabhar, Banke, separately under the existing Management team in the near future.

Moreover, the organization will be working closely to fulfill its fundamental needs in order to maintain the quality education. Similarly, the school Management team is also deeply considering for educating the pupils and society, in the different fields of practicality and; the job oriented education.

Last but not least, the organization is also gradually reforming the viable operating system for the benefits of all employed staff, in line of maintaining the dignity, good faith, trust and solidarity. In the end, may I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Editorial Board for their hard work in publishing the GUPS 18th Annual Newsletter.


Kesharbahadur Ale Magar

Founder Chairman