Managing Director

I am extremely pleased to make this acknowledgement that the school has accomplished its prosperous 19 years and is going to bring out the school Newsletter-18th issue. On this occasion, May I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the valued guardians, well wishers, Founder members, all the working staff and students of the school.

As GUPS has been rewarded by the National level awards time and again for its academic achievements, it has made us feel more responsible in providing quality education shaping our students to be skilled and disciplined citizens, efficient to
compete in this global market.

Despite many challenges, learning from our past, we are highly committed and always keep striving for doing better, updating ourselves with the ever changing new technologies and teaching methodologies.

We are optimistic that the consistent support of our guardians and well wishers in this academic journey will definitely enhance GUPS to step to the next level and to peak the height of academic excellence.

Rajendra Gurung